MASTER COBBLER is your best source for Birkenstock™ shoes, sandals and insoles. I have the largest selection of Birkenstock™ between Bellingham and Vancouver, Washington and if I don’t have what you want in stock, I can get it fast. I am also a Certified Birkenstock™ repair facility and can refresh, renew or repair your Birks! Master Cobbler has a large selection of shoe care and foot care products and accessories. You are invited to come in and shop around.

Shoe Product Brands



“The first of its kind to bring trusted technology and style into one transformative solution, Vionic footwear offers innovative, podiatrist-designed support built seamlessly into contemporary and modern classics.”

Spenco® Footwear

The Shape That Feels Great®

“All Spenco® Footwear is based on the design of our highly successful insoles and incorporates a cushioned heel, deep heel cupping, orthotic arch support, metatarsal dome, and a cushioned forefoot…”


“Orthofeet orthotic shoes come in the form of a variety of shoes and sandals for men and women.
They are specially designed to offer you superior comfort, soothing your feet as you walk and minimizing pain on sensitive areas.”

Pre-order Birkenstock® Shoes

All Birkenstock shoe products share the unique Birkenstock footbed made of resilient cork/latex and is shaped to create a healthy walking environment for your feet.
With the high demand of Birkenstock products, you can pre-order your Birkenstock shoes at our store. Contact us today!

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All products may or may not be available in store and some designs could be seasonal. Please call to ask us about the in-store availability. If you don’t have one at the moment, we can also order it for you.


Many of my customers have told me how wearing Birkenstocks has alleviated the foot pain, that can often be associated with Plantar Fasciitis. But just what makes a Birkenstock so kind to your feet?

Read more about Plantar Fasciitis.

Your Master Cobbler is proud to offer a broad selection of retail products. I have selected items for the store based on my experience with shoes, feet and people. You will find all sorts of useful products for taking care of your leather goods and taking care of your feet.