Hi, my name is Terry Moran. I would like to take you on a journey with me which began with my apprenticeship in the artistic craft of shoe repairing.

At the age of nine, studying under the tutelage of my father, I quickly excelled beyond my father’s expectations and was elevated to journeyman level at the age of seventeen. Military obligations called me into the service until age twenty one. After being discharged I was beckoned back into shoe repair by being presented the opportunity to own a shoe repair service, which was the first of three I would own or operated over the next twenty years.

In 1990, I elected to close my last shoe repair service to begin managing other shoe repair services in the King and Kitsap County areas for the next two years. Then Nordstrom’s contracted me to relocate to Phoenix, Arizona to design and manage the refurbishing department of a store named the “Last Chance Bargain Shoe and Apparel”.

After my contract ended with Nordstrom’s, I returned to Washington State and continued working or managing shoe repair services. Over the course of the last 30 years I have witnessed the decline of the shoe repair industry in the Pacific Northwest. But not being discouraged by this, I decided to open a shoe repair service in the Canyon Park Place Shopping Center located in Bothell, Washington. I have since outgrown my original Canyon Park store and had to move to my new, larger facility in Mill Creek, WA.

Here I have expanded my offerings beyond just shoe and leather repair to shoe and accessory sales. I love this industry and it is my pleasure to promise to you that I will provide the highest quality services I can offer and present you, my customers, a wide range of the type of services you deserve while preserving an industry I grew up in and respect so dearly.

Quality and service begins, and ends, with you.