Footwear Care Tips

Preventive maintenance is essential in extending the life and look of your footwear and leather goods. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your leather items.

Footwear Care

  1. Storage and travel Shoe-bags will protect your footwear from scuffs and soil being transferred to any clothing or valuables.
  2. Regular waterproofing and polishing will maintain the look of your footwear.
  3. Shoe Trees and Boot Shapes help retain the shape and minimize excess creasing.
  4. Sole protectors provide added life to your shoes and boots especially when the are 100% skid-proof and waterproof.

Sport and Athletic Shoes

  1. Change insoles regularly to preserve shock absorption.
  2. Replace laces as needed.
  3. Refinish color or shampoo as you see fit.
  4. Use an odor neutralizer inside your shoe after use.

Tips for All Leather Items

  1. Try not to over fill handbags, shoulders bags, or wallets. This will cause the stitching to weaken and tear loose.
  2. Shoulder strapped bags and belts can be sized to your needs.
  3. Conditioning and waterproofing will preserve the suppleness of any leather and protect any stitching from the elements.

Ask your MASTER COBBLER for other helpful suggestions in order to preserve the natural life and beauty of your leather goods you love.