Master Cobbler cares about more than simply putting your shoes back together. To us, proper shoe repair demands a certain level of quality, pairing careful craftsmanship with high-grade materials to give you a pair of shoes that will look great and feel comfortable for a good, long time.

Women Shoe & Heel Repair

One of the most common repairs we do here is replacing the heel tips on women’s shoes. Most women will walk on three major types of terrain with such shoes, these being black top, concrete, and asphalt. These surfaces can quickly take their toll on your delicate high-heels. Therefore, the new heels we install need to be able to stand up to a lot of wear and tear, while simultaneously reducing noise and providing enough traction to prevent slippage.

Knowing this, we make use of high-quality rubber and plastic materials for our high-heel repairs, providing you with the long-lasting comfort and safety that you need when you’re dressed to impress.

Footwear Repair Center

Fortunately, shoe repair isn’t just shoe repair any more. My heavy duty stitching, grinding and treatment operations are perfectly suited to the repair and maintenance of a wide variety of leather products. Shoe Repair is also being green. A recent article in The Seattle Times, discusses the green aspects of shoe repair. MASTER COBBLER is a Certified Birkenstock Repair Center.